CST - Foundations

Virtual Only - Entry Level Hands-on techniques for the body - Prerequisite for all future courses.

Craniosacral is the easiest and most gentle way of helping people heal from past injuries.

These simple techniques will help you to improve peoples’ lives, and quickly.

The body holds onto trauma, and CST supports the body to let go of it.
Sounds wonderful, right?
Because it is.

This is the prerequisite course for all future classes taken with Beames CST

Learn how to find areas in the body that are holding onto trauma and tension.

Gain knowledge on how to support the release of tension to allow the body to heal itself.

Support and help regulate the nervous system so the body can be brought into a state of rest and digest.

Have a list of assessment and treatment techniques you can use on any body in your practice.

I love that you’re here!

You’re wondering how you can incorporate CST into your practice, right?

Great! I love that for you!

You can use what you learn in this course and apply it to family and friends, for sure, but this course is geared towards parents and their postpartum body. Which means you'll be able to start helping families right away!

Once you finish this course, you’re going to want to try the techniques on everyone just to see what happens.

I promise!

This course is for you if you are a:

Lactation Consultant

Use these gentle techniques to help release tissues in the chest, and settle the nervous system to promote milk production.

Manual Therapist

Whichever therapy you are licensed under, CST is a complimentary modality to add to your practice to optimize your treatments. 

Doula or Support Specialist

Life after giving birth is stressful and taxing on the body. CST helps to relax and relieve tension in the body.


You see all kinds of trauma in the birth world. The body holds onto this trauma, but good news, you can help them process and release it.

Course Curriculum

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor

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