Infant CST Level 1 - Part 1

Virtual Course. Discover how craniosacral improves a baby's body using just a few grams of pressure.

Craniosacral is the most effective way for you to help families struggling with their babies so they can finally relax and enjoy their newborn.

You really can make a living cuddling babies and changing lives.

Craniosacral is the easiest way to give relief to parents whose baby isn't feeding, sleeping or digesting well.

Learn how birth negatively effects a baby's body and the ways craniosacral therapy helps to relieve these issues.

Use your palpation and treatment skills learned in CST - Foundations and learn how to apply it to a baby's body. 

Know the most common reasons why babies need bodywork, and how their lives are positively impacted from treatment.

Have a list of treatment techniques you can use when you see babies in your practice.

You're going to be great!

You're probably worried about handling babies in this way, and whether you're going to be any good at it.

But, what I want you to know is this: You're going to be great.

I am going to teach you how to tap into your intuition and the innate senses you already possess (because, if you didn't know, you're a human).

I've given relief to over 500 hundred families. And you can, too!

I want to show you how to trust yourself. You can do this!!!

This course is for you if you are a:

Lactation Consultant

You see babies all the time that can't tilt their head back to open wide, or they feed great on one side, but destroy the nipple on the other. This isn't always about proper positioning. You can improve the baby to improve the latch. 

Manual Therapist

You're a massage, physio, chiro, osteo, myofunctional, occupational, speech language, or whatever else kind of therapist! CST is one of the most complementary modalities to increase the effectiveness of your treatments.

Doula or Support Specialist

Your people love you and trust you. They know you're there for them whenever they need you. What better way to increase your offerings for them than with bodywork for their most prized possessions.


Who knows birth better than you? Am I right? You can use craniosacral for the babes you saw have a traumatic birth and ease the minds of the depressed parent by helping their baby right after birth.

Course Curriculum

Everything you need to:

Assess, treat and give babies excellent results

Course Calendar


Virtual Courses

CST Foundations - June 1 to June 24 (Self study + 3hr Live class June 3,10,17 09:30 ES)

Infant CST Level 1 Part 1 - Sept 27 to Oct 28 (Self study + 2hr Live class Oct 7,14,21 09:30 ES)

CST Foundations - Oct 1 to Oct 31 (Self study + 3hr Live class Oct 4,11,18 09:30 ES)

In-Person Courses

Infant CST Level 1 Part 2 - Nov 28 to 30 7 spots left

Infant CST Level 2 - Aug 17 to 19 6 spots left


Virtual Courses

CST Foundations - Jan 21 to Feb 18 (Self study + 3hr Live class on Jan 28, Feb 4,11 09:30 ES)

Infant CST Level 1 Part 1 - Feb 27 to March 24 (Self study + 2hr Live class on Mar 10,17,24 09:30 ES)

In-Person Courses

Infant CST Level 1 Part 2 - June 5 to 7 8 spots left

Infant CST Level 2 - Oct 18 to 20 6 spots left

Kaili Ets

OT, Reflux and
Sleep Specialist

I highly recommend this training! It was very comprehensive with theory and anatomy. I feel 100% confident in going out into the world and offering craniosacral therapy to babies! I cannot wait!

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor

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