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Infant CST Level 1 - Virtual

COMING SOON! Virtual Only of ICST 1 Part 1 & 2 - For professionals with previous craniosacral training only. Must apply with CST certificate.

So, you've been practicing craniosacral for a while and you want to know how to apply your skills to babies.


The requirements for this course are 1 year or more as a full time craniosacral therapist.

Learn how birth negatively effects a baby's body and the ways craniosacral therapy helps to relieve these issues.

Take your palpation and treatment skills and learn how to apply it to a baby's body. 

Know the most common reasons why babies need bodywork, and how their lives are positively impacted from treatment.

Have a list of treatment techniques you can use when you see babies in your practice.

It's about time, am I right?!

There aren't enough virtual courses on how to treat babies with CST, are there?

And you've been asking me for a couple of years now.

Well, now it has arrived!

Take this training to feel comfortable treating babies in your practice without leaving the comfort of your own country.

This course is for you if you are:

Upledger Trained

Having completed at minimum CS1 and CS2. Must show proof of completion.

Carol Gray Trained

You've taken Subtle Hands On and want to continue on learning virtually. Must show proof of completion.

Biodynamic Trained

Having completed all levels of training which would include intra-oral work. Must show proof of completion.

A seasoned practitioner

This course is only for practitioners who have previous experience with the modality. A minimum of 1 year full time hours (20h/w) experience is required.

Don't think you meet the requirements? 

Course Curriculum

Course Calendar


Virtual Courses

CST Foundations - June 1 to June 24 (Self study + 3hr Live class June 3,10,17 09:30 ES)

Infant CST Level 1 Part 1 - September 27 to October 28 (Self study + 2hr Live class Oct 7,14,21 09:30 ES)

Infant CST Level 1(part 1 and 2) - Virtual Only September (Self study only)

In-Person Courses

Infant CST Level 1 Part 2 - November 28 to 30 7 spots left

Infant CST Level 2 - August 18 to 20 6 spots left


Virtual Courses

CST Foundations - January 21 to Feb 18 (Self study + 3hr Live class on Jan 28, Feb 4,11 09:30 ES)

Infant CST Level 1 Part 1 - Feb 27 to March 24 (Self study + 2hr Live class on Mar 10,17,24 09:30 ES)

In-Person Courses

Infant CST Level 1 Part 2 - June 5 to 7 8 spots left

Infant CST Level 2 - October 18 to 20 6 spots left

Meaghan Beames, RMT

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor

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