CST Mini-Foundations

Bridging course that aligns prequalified Craniosacral Therapists with our techniques and terminology.

This course is for you if you are:

Upledger Style Trained

You've completed up to CS2 or equivalent. If you trained with a private practice, do get in touch to confirm we recognize the school.

Trained within Last 5 Years

You're training was completed within 5 years of the start date of the Infant CST course you wish to take.

Have been practicing 

You have been practicing craniosacral part time since you first learned and don't feel like you need a refresher course.

Bridging Course

I know you've already spent time and money on craniosacral training, and you don't want to spend more in order to learn how to treat babies.

That's why we've created this mini course!

In this mini course, we'll make sure you and I are on the same page when it comes to techniques and vocabulary.

You're already comfortable with the gentle touch of cranio.

What you're here for is how to use your skills on babies!

In the Infant portion of CST Level 1, I'll teach you about birth, birth trauma and how that shows up in a baby in the form of symptoms.

I'll teach you how you can treat them to help release and heal from this experience, so they can eat better, sleep better, digest better, and so can their parents.

Course Time Commitment

2 hours of Self Study

Watch the pre-recorded videos on your own schedule. This will help to align your previous training with our particular techniques, and the vocabulary we use to describe them.

Practice techniques on a client

For this bridging course, there's no need to come to a class. Just start to integrate these techniques into your current practice to become familiar with them.

Final assignment

Write and submit a report on how you interpret your current treatment techniques with the new ones in this course.

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You're able to enroll in both the Mini Course and the Infant portion of CST Level 1 course at the same time! 

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Course Pricing

Craniosacral Therapy Mini Course

$297 USD

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