Infant CST Level 1

Craniosacral improves a baby's body using just a few grams of pressure.

Craniosacral is the most effective way for you to help families struggling with their babies, so they can actually enjoy the newborn stage.
You really can make a living cuddling babies and changing lives.

Craniosacral gives babies quick relief from common, yet severe symptoms.

Babies are struggling to latch well, sleep peacefully and feel comfortable in their body.

Parents are told:
"This is normal for babies."
"Don't worry. They'll grow out of it".

Parents know this isn't true!
And it doesn't have to be this way.

Learn Craniosacral for the infant body
in just 30 days!

Prerequisite: our CST Foundations course.

You can enroll in both CST Foundations and ICST Level 1 at the same time, though completion of Foundations must come before Level 1.

Learn how birth creates tension in a baby's body and how you can use CST to relieve them of it.

Stop questioning your ability to help, and use your CST skills to find the root cause for a baby's symptoms.

Instead of referring babies out to someone else, you'll know exactly where in their body you need to treat to improve the problem.

Provide quick and life-long results for torticollis, reflux, side preference, colic and some latching issues.

Infant CST Level 1 has everything you need to start treating babies right away

Intuitive, yet specific ways to find restrictions in the body that create an imbalance in the system, causing troublesome symptoms.

Simple treatment techniques to release these restrictions so the baby can move and function optimally, as nature intended.

Home care for parents to do with their baby to continue to see improvements, even after your treatment plan is complete.

5 Step Process

There's a common misconception that babies can't get tight and that their body is a "clean slate". This is not true.

We've packed this course with information about birth, infant development, anatomy and all the ways a baby can get tight.

After completing this course you'll have a process to be able to recognize common patterns of being born that cause tension in a baby, resulting in the most common symptoms.

Here's how it works:

  • Listen to the birth story to understand the baby's perspective
  • Record a list of the baby's symptoms
  • Assess their body for restrictions with your eyes and with your hands
  • Treat what you've found that could be causing the symptoms
  • Watch for "signs of release" to know that you're using the right amount of pressure to provide this baby with a release

You could be the one to provide the best help
with this easy 5 Step Process.

You're the perfect fit for Infant CST Level 1 if you are a:

Lactation Consultant

You see babies all the time that can't tilt their head back to open wide, but you don't know why. CST will give you the answers and equips you with techniques to improve neck mobility.

Manual Therapist

You're a LMT, PT, chiro, osteo, OMT, OT, SLP, RDH, RMT etc therapist. Your treatment results sometimes plateau and don't know why. CST improves neural function to improve your treatment outcomes.

Doula or Support Specialist

You are one of many in your industry. Getting clients can be a challenge, but with CST you can provide a premium offer that will also help you to 'stand out from the crowd'.


Who knows birth better than you? Am I right? But you're done with being on call. Craniosacral allows you to continue to work with babies and live your life on a schedule. 

Course Curriculum

Learn how to unwind tight fascia, loosen tight muscles, increase nervous system function and optimize a baby's natural ability to heal themselves.

Module 1 and 2: How birth effects a baby's body

Birth effects a baby's body in many ways. They feel pain, get tight and it shows up as symptoms. For example: feeding difficulties, reflux, torticollis, gassy and grunty.

Module 6: Fascial releases for the head/neck

Reflux, plagio/brachycephaly, torticollis, colic and more can be improved, or reversed with these gentle techniques.

Modules 3 and 4: Assessment and Treatment Techniques

These easy-to-use techniques include fascial releases, stretches and exercises, and will give the babies you treat excellent results. 

Module 7&8: CST and Home Care to prep for Tongue Tie release

Tongue ties are more than just the tongue. Fascial releases in the body help to improve release outcomes, and decrease chances of reattachment.

What to expect

3 hours of Self Study

Watch the pre-recorded videos each week to prepare for the upcoming classes.

8 Live classes, 1.5 hours long

Join the live virtual classes that happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 1.5 hours. You'll need a soft doll with a hard head to practice on during the classes.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

To get the most of this course, you are required to start working on babies within the first week. You'll share your case studies in class so you can feel more confident with your touch and are more likely to use these techniques going forward.


2024 Cohorts

2025 Cohorts (not yet open for enrollment)

Want to bundle Foundations and Level 1 together? Send us an email and include specific cohort dates

Pay in Full


One time

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • Email support
  • Listed on our Graduates Directory page

Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • Email support
  • Listed on our Graduates Directory page

What our grads have to say:

Tracey Jedrzejek 

Meaghan is incredibly knowledgeable. She has helped me expand my lactation practice so that I can now help even more babies when all the traditional lactation solutions don't work.

Malorie Roberts

This course is a must for anyone who is hands-on working with babies. Meaghan gives you the information and skill set needed to begin making a difference from day 1. She is also just an amazing human being.

Kelly Menne

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Meaghan is very accessible both in her teaching and when you have questions. I look forward to being able to take more of her courses.

Shannon McLennon

The training was executed beautifully. I feel motivated to begin CST immediately! Meaghan is great, knowledgeable and super funny and you won't regret learning with her. 

Your business is about to explode!

Are you worried about the investment into CST training? Worried you won't have a good ROI? 

In as little as 4 weeks, you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to assess and treat babies - and get paid for it!

Parents are searching for a CST provider all around you. They are willing to drive 2 hours to have their baby treated.

With this training, you will have the knowledge and skill to be the go-to CST provider in your area.

You can attract new baby clients to your practice right away and make back your tuition with just 6 clients. 

Learning Roadmap with Beames CST

To move to the next level, you must complete the prerequisite.


Infant CST Level 1

Start here!!
Virtual  - 4 weeks in CST Foundations & 4 weeks in ICST Level 1  Option to bypass first 4 weeks for experienced CSTs  

CST skills to work on the body, prep the body for a tongue tie release, improve torticollis and tummy time


Infant CST Level 2

5 Day in-person training in Toronto and once a year in a US city

Improve tongue function, prep the mouth for tongue tie release or eliminate the need for a release, and improve head shape


Infant CST Level 3

Virtual - 4 weeks

In-depth knowledge of Polyvagal Theory and reflux, correcting recessed jaw, improving laryngomalacia, and using CST with the parent-baby-dyad


Infant CST Level 4

4 Days In person training in Toronto and once a year in another country

In-depth cranial releases to help with early signs of Autism Releases for plagiocephaly/dolicocephaly Advanced techniques for cranial meninges

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the live classes are recorded. They will be posted inside the student portal for you to go back and review if you'd like to.

Yes, the live classes are mandatory. We understand that sometimes you need to miss a portion of a class, this is fine, but please inform us by email.

The live classes run for 1.5 hours.

Not for these classes. You'll just need a soft doll, with a hard head to bring to each class.

The recordings will be up throughout the duration of the course, and until the remaining review period has ended. Which is usually 12 months.

10 Signs a Baby Needs Bodywork

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