Infant CST Level 1

Learn the fundamental skills of Craniosacral Therapy and
discover how craniosacral improves a baby's body using just a few grams of pressure.

This course is for licensed professionals in the perinatal and birthing profession including:

lactation consultants, manual therapists and infant feeding specialists

Who want to expand their portfolio of services and deliver life changing results for their clients, while also growing their practice.

These simple techniques will help you to improve peoples’ lives, and quickly.

What exactly is Craniosacral Therapy?!

The body holds onto trauma, and CST supports the body to let go of it. Sounds wonderful, right? Because it is.

Craniosacral is a very gentle touch therapy that uses subtle and slow techniques to not only find areas of tension in the body, but also to release them. This tension can cause chronic pain, uncomfortable symptoms and anxiety. 

Learn craniosacral therapy so you can help children, teens, adults and even your loved ones to process and release this tension so they can be more comfortable in their body.

You see how tight a baby is,
but what can you do?

Craniosacral is the most effective way for you to help loosen up those super tense babies, so parents can finally relax and enjoy their newborn.

You really can make a living cuddling babies and changing lives.

In this 8 week virtual course, you'll learn:

Weeks 1-4

The fundamental skills of Craniosacral Therapy

How to find areas in the body that are holding onto trauma and tension.

Gain knowledge on how to support the release of tension to allow the body to heal itself.

Support and help regulate the nervous system so the body can be brought into a state of rest and digest.

Have a list of assessment and treatment techniques you can use on any body in your practice.

Weeks 4-8

Applying foundational CST skills to a baby's body

Learn how birth negatively effects a baby's body and the ways CST helps to relieve these issues.

 Use your palpation and treatment skills and learn how to apply it to a baby's body.

Know the most common reasons why babies need bodywork, and how their lives are positively impacted from treatment.

Have a list of treatment techniques you can use when you treat babies for torticollis, reflux, side preference, colic and some latching issues.

I love that you’re here!

You’re wondering how you can incorporate CST into your practice, right?

Great! I love that for you!

You can use what you learn in this course and apply it to family and friends, for sure, but these techniques are geared towards being used on parents and their postpartum body and eventually babies. 

 Which means you'll be able to start helping families right away!

Once you finish this course, you’ll be just 4 weeks away from treating babies.

This course is for you if you are a:

Lactation Consultant

You see the struggles that dyads are experiencing, and you really want to know how to help them even more. CST will allow you to know what is causing the issues, and how to improve it. 

Manual Therapist

Combined with your educational background, craniosacral can be what connects the dots to the questions that your profession doesn't have the answers for. You know there is nerve dysfunction, but how can you really help it?!

Doula or Support Specialist

You see all kinds of traumatic events in your field, along with some beautiful ones. The families you serve already trust you, and would love for you to treat their babies as well.


You know birth very well, and imagine the amount of overwhelm you could keep some families from having if you performed craniosacral on their baby within a few days after birth. 

Learn Infant Craniosacral in just 60 days!

In just 8 weeks of study, you'll be on your way to treating babies!

Your time commitment for this course

This is a virtual course with pre-recorded videos, live classes, and a final assignment.

7 hours of Self Study

Watch the pre-recorded videos on your own schedule.

6 Live classes, 3 hours long

Join the live virtual classes. You'll need a soft doll with a hard head to practice on during the classes. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

To get the most of this course, be sure to practice on as many people as possible. There will be a final assignment that consists of a full treatment with report.

Course Curriculum

Learn the fundamental skills of Craniosacral Therapy and how to apply your knowledge on a baby's body. 

Week 1-4
Lay the Foundation

Anatomy of the Craniosacral System

Study how the craniosacral system works so you know exactly what you're doing with these techniques.

Find the Root of the problem

Learn gentle techniques to find the areas of tension so you can release them and provide relief from a host of issues.

The Science of Touch

This isn't Hocus Pocus, we really can feel through the body very gently to find areas of tension and we have the science to prove it.

Working with Energy

Trauma can be stored as energy. Learn to release the energy, or give the person more to help them to heal.

Week 4-8
Apply Your Knowledge

Birth is hard on a baby

 Birth effects a baby's body in many ways. Intervention and even a gentle birth can alter a baby's ability to feed, sleep, and poop. 

Reverse common issues with CST

 Reflux, plagio/brachycephaly, torticollis, colic and more can be improved, or reversed with these gentle techniques.

Treat the Birth

Listen to the birth story to know what causes a baby's symptoms, but also so parents can process these life changing events.

Assessment and Treatment Techniques
 Reflux, digestion, torticollis, colic, some latching issues can be improved with just a few gentle techniques.

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor

Learning Roadmap with Beames CST

To move to the next level of training, you must complete the prerequisite.


Infant CST Level 1

Prerequisite to Level 2 and above.
Virtual - 8 Weeks

Option to bypass first 4 weeks for experienced CSTs


Infant CST Level 2

Prerequisite Level 1
5 Day In person training in Toronto


Infant CST Level 3

Prerequisite Level 2
Virtual - 4 weeks


Infant CST Level 4

Prerequisite Level 3
4 Days In person training in Toronto

Course Pricing

ICST Level 1


$670 USD



ICST Level 1


 $1994 USD



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the live classes are recorded. They will be posted inside the student portal for you to go back and review if you'd like to.

Yes, the live classes are mandatory. We understand that sometimes life happens and you need to miss a class, this is fine, but please inform us.

The live classes run for 3 hours.

Yes, you will need someone to work on for most of the live classes. Preferably an adult, since working on children can be distracting for you, and not conducive to learning.

The recordings will be up throughout the duration of the course, and until the remaining review period has ended. Which is usually 6 months.

10 Signs a Baby Needs Bodywork

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