Infant CST Level 3

Get really good at assessing the face for cranial asymmetry
so you know just which cranial bones need to be released
to give babies fast results.

** Must be enrolled in or have taken Infant CST Levels 1 and 2 to be eligible for this class.

You've gone down the rabbit hole, and you need to know more!

How the tongue and throat work together for the baby to have a coordinated suck-swallow-breathe pattern.

Discover which cranial nerves are affected and which bones to release in order to restore function and improve tongue function.

Advanced level techniques that will get to the deepest parts of the cranium to give the best results.

Have a list of treatment techniques you can use for tight or recessed jaw, back arching, coughing or choking on letdown and more.

So, you've been working with babies for a while!


And you probably feel like you still don't know enough.

I know because I did, too.  

You struggle to help some of the babies in your practice, and it's really hurting your confidence.

With this training you'll have the skills to provide excellent results for almost all babies in your practice.

I've brought together what I've learned that has helped me get to a level where I know exactly how I can help a baby, and how long it will take me to do it.

I want to give you the tools to become an expert in helping a baby latch properly, eliminate easily, or sleep well.

Their whole family will thank you. 

Who should enroll in this training?

You keep asking the same Q's

Why is this head still so flat? How do I lower a high palate? This tongue isn't tied, so why does it keep acting like it is? What is up with this baby that keeps coughing on letdown?

You keep seeing the same symptoms

Babies you see keep having the same symptom presentation, but everything you try keeps missing the mark. They are better for a while, and then they experience a snap back.

You've plateaued with results

Okay, why isn't that latch improving? You've seen them 5 times, and still only slight improvements. It has worked on other babies, why not this one? 

You're hungry for more

Now that you know so much, you realize there is still so much you don't know! I am with you. I just want to learn and learn.

Add advanced level techniques
to your practice

You'll have the skills to treat some of the toughest cases of plagiocephaly, tongue tie, reflux and latch issues.

Your time commitment for this course

This is a virtual course, with pre-recorded videos, live virtual classes and an assignment. 

2 hours of Self Study

Watch the pre-recorded videos before we meet online.

2 Live Virtual Classes

3 hour live classes where we'll practice reflex testing, advanced assessment of facial symmetry, and advanced palpation of the abdomen.

Final Assignment

Perform a 1 hour session an infant under the age of 3 months, assess their latch, the function of their suck, tongue and feeding. Submit your final report to receive your certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum

Learn the intricate details of a baby so you can help them even more.

Anatomy of a baby

You have to know what you're touching to know how to help it. Direct application of techniques have been the best way for me to provide babies with real relief, fast.
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Advanced level techniques

You've been doing this a while, and know you can get better. These techniques will require you to think outside the box, and into a different dimension.

Reflex Testing

Learn which nerves are involved in the suck-swallow-breathe pattern in a baby. Once you know this, you can test them to see which ones need to be treated.

Cranial Nerve Dysfunction

Know which nerves do what specific function so you can look at a baby and know which cranial release would be best for the symptom they are presenting with.

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor

Course Pricing



$997 USD





 $340 USD



Learning Roadmap with Beames CST

To move to the next level, you must complete the prerequisite.


Infant CST Level 1

Start here!
Virtual - 8 Weeks

Option to bypass first 4 weeks for experienced CSTs


Infant CST Level 2

5 Day In person training in Toronto and once a year in California


Infant CST Level 3

Virtual - 4 weeks


Infant CST Level 4

4 Days In person training in Toronto and once a year in another country

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the live classes are recorded. They will be posted inside the student portal for you to go back and review if you'd like to.

Yes, the live classes are mandatory. We understand that sometimes life happens and you need to miss a class, this is fine, but please inform us.

The live classes run for 3 hours.

Yes, you will need someone to work on for most of the live classes. Preferably an adult, since working on children can be distracting for you, and not conducive to learning.

The recordings will be up throughout the duration of the course, and until the remaining review period has ended. Which is usually 6 months.

10 Signs a Baby Needs Bodywork

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