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Infant CST Level 2 (May 2024)

In Person Lab - Learn cranial releases to improve tongue and suck-swallow-breathe function, reflux, head shape and more.

Craniosacral is the most effective way for you
to help families struggling with their babies
so they can finally relax and enjoy their newborn.

You really can change the way a baby feeds, with just a few simple craniosacral techniques.

May 27 - 31, 2024

City: Toronto, Canada

Location: 192 Spadina Avenue

Time: 9:40am to 5:30pm

Training: 5 day immersive hands on education

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor

Mallory Millet


The course is a must for anyone who is hands-on working with babies. Meaghan gives you the information and skill set needed to begin making a difference from day 1. She is also just an amazing human being.