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Infant CST Level 3 March 2024

Learn cranial nerve reflex testing so you know which techniques will give the best results

Craniosacral is the most effective way for you to help families struggling with their babies so they can finally relax and enjoy their newborn. You really can make a living cuddling babies and changing lives.

** Must be enrolled in or have taken Infant CST Levels 1 and 2 to be eligible for this class.

Level 3 is about
Oral Reflex Testing and treatment
 and Polyvagal theory for Laryngomalacia and feeding issues

Understand how the emotional state of the parent is keeping the baby dysregulated, which can cause uncoordinated feeding patterns.

Test an infants oral reflexes to understand what a tongue should and shouldn't work, and know which nerves are affected.

Deeper dive into which bones need to be released to restore oral function and improve latch.

Have a list of treatment techniques you can use for reflux, laryngomalacia, retrognathia, coughing or choking on letdown and so much more.

Class Details

Location: Virtual zoom class

Class Dates: March 14 and March 28 with another call in a month to check in on how these new techniques are working in your practice

Class Time: 10:00am to 11:30am EST

What you'll need: Case studies from babies you've been treating

Who should enroll in this training?

You keep asking the same Q's

This tongue isn't tied, so why does it keep acting like it is? What is up with this baby that keeps coughing on letdown? Why can I hear this baby breathing so loudly? 

You see the same symptoms

Babies you see keep having the same symptom presentation, but everything you try keeps missing the mark. They are better for a while, and then they experience a snap back.

You've plateaued with results

Okay, why isn't that latch improving? You've seen them 5 times, and still only slight improvements. It has worked on other babies, why not this one? 

You're hungry for more

Now that you know so much, you realize there is still so much you don't know! I am with you. I just want to learn and learn.

Meaghan Beames, RMT, Instructor