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We teach you how to use craniosacral to improve the lives of babies in your community.

Parents are struggling with their babies, and you can help them. 

Craniosacral can treat some of the most severe symptoms.

Nursing Issues

Parents think it's their fault that their baby isn't feeding well. But what if it was something within the baby's body that needs to be addressed that would improve the latch?

Pre/Post Tongue Tie Revision

A tongue tie brings on so many problems with feeding, digestion and sleep. Some families choose to do a revision and some don't. Either way, tongue ties should be addressed.

Sleep issues

A hungry baby, an uncomfortable baby, a gassy baby, an overstimulated baby, a refluxy baby, a sore baby, a tired baby all create poor sleep and it wears on the whole family.


Imagine a baby screaming all day long and not being able to help them. Parents know their baby is in pain, and they have no idea how to help them. 


A baby that is swallowing too much air has to get it out somehow. They grunt it out, they scream it out, they spit it up and they are generally very upset. 

Head Shape

With the advent of the Back To Sleep Campaign came the baby head shape woes. Infant heads can shifted into non-preferred shapes if left in the same position for long periods of time.

How does it work?

Craniosacral therapy works to release fascia within the entire body. 

Assessment techniques help to see the baby in a new way. Symptoms will no longer be seen as a problem that the parents just have to live with, but as a sign of what can be treated with CST.

CST treatments take a baby that cries incessantly one day to calm and smiling the next - using gentle touch that relaxes their body and stimulates the nervous system.

CST unlock the questions about symptoms. Symptoms lead to areas in the body that need to be treated. Structure effects function. Improve the structure (ei. muscles and fascia), improve function (ie. latch, pooping)

Some techniques change the head shape of a baby and their latch and digestion will improve. There is only good that can come out of a well performed treatment. 

Benefits of CST

It is truly amazing the kinds of changes babies can see in just a few treatments.

Better Feeding 

Improved muscle function and head symmetry will help them to latch better, gain faster, and even enjoy the feeding experience. Decreased pain for the parent is another added bonus.

Improve Mobility

CST helps to loosen up a baby's body to make it easier to move around. Easier movement equals better mobility and a better chance of hitting milestones on time.

Relieved families

Relieving parents of their worries, letting them know that there really IS something that can be done about their baby troubles is priceless. They will thank you for the rest of their lives for giving them a better start with their baby.

Better sleep

A baby that is comfortable in their body, not trying to push out gas bubbles, and who is calm and relaxed (because their parents are calmer now, too) will usually have a better nights sleep. It might even continue on for a while!

A message from the Founder

Meaghan Beames, RMT, CST

Founder, Course Creator, Instructor, Registered Massage Therapist

If you're here, I know you have a desire to help people. You are an empathetic soul wanting to make the world a better place. You also love babies.
I see you, I understand you, I am you.

I have always been drawn to helping people, and craniosacral has made it possible for me to improve the lives of over 750 families.

I am on a mission to ensure every family in North America and around the world has access to qualified craniosacral therapists to help babies cope with colic, latching issues, and all the growing pains that can make life with a newborn harder than it needs to be.

Many health care professionals working with infants struggle to treat babies' most severe symptoms. So I developed a clear and simple way to find and treat the root cause using craniosacral therapy so these health professionals can provide quick relief with lifelong benefits for these babies.

Learning Roadmap with Beames CST

To move to the next level, you must complete the prerequisite.


Infant CST Level 1

CST Foundations  Virtual 4 weeks
Infant CST1 Virtual 4 weeks

$997 for CST Foundations
$1097 for Infant CST 1


Infant CST Level 2

5 Days In person training in Toronto and once a year in California

$3097 in Toronto, Canada
$3797 in Lexington, Kentucky


Infant CST Level 3

Virtual 4 weeks

$997 for Level 3


Infant CST Level 4

4 Days In person training in Toronto and once a year in another country

$2597 in Toronto, Canada
$3397 in Dublin, Ireland (June 2025)

Get Certified in Infant Craniosacral

Are you a health professional with a License to Touch?

You might qualify to become Certified in Infant CST
through the Beames CST Training Centre.

See our NEW Certification Program below!

Foundations Certificate

Complete up to Level 2 to become a Infant Craniosacral Therapist

For only $5200 USD

This program will give you a Certificate of Completion (not Certification)
Level 2 to be taken within 12 months of completing CST Foundations

Level 1

CST Foundations  + Infant CST
Virtual Class

Learn the foundational CST techniques
and how to apply them on a baby.

Be able to give babies relief from:  

Side preference, colic, reflux, gas, torticollis, some latching issues, digestive issues,  trouble with tummy time and SO MUCH MORE!

Already a CST practitioner? Check out our Mini-Foundations Course to bypass the first 4 weeks.

Level 2

Infant CST Level 2

This is for LCs and manual therapist who are embarrassed when they need to refer out for complex cases, and who want to give babies results TODAY.

  Learn cranial releases for babies to effectively improve:  

tongue ties, latching issues, head shape, facial asymmetries, 
and more severe cases of reflux.  

To be taken within 18 months of completing Level 1

Mastery Certification

Complete up to Level 4 to become a
Certified Infant Craniosacral Therapist

For only $9000 USD

This program will deem you a Certified Infant Craniosacral Therapist
Level 4 to be taken within 18 months of completing CST Foundations
Tuition covers in-person classes in Toronto only

Level 3

Infant CST Level 3
Virtual Class

Advanced treatment techniques and 
oral reflex testing so you can:  

    treat tight or recessed jaw, uncoordinated suck-swallow-breathe patterns, improve tongue function and working with the Polyvagal Theory to improve reflux.

Level 4

Infant CST Level 4
In Person

Be known as the expert in your field.

 Intricate cranial strain patterns and their releases
so you can: 

Treat complex latching issues, severe misshapen heads, early signs of autism, and developmental delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

For sure! Though having an anatomy background will give you an advantage, it is not a prerequisite. We will be teaching you what you NEED to know about the body in order to succeed as a craniosacral therapist.

This course is designed for graduates to start helping families right away. We want to make sure that as many families as possible can receive the benefits that craniosacral provides.

If you are passionate about helping babies and families, get in touch and see if this course is a right fit for you!

To find out more, book a call with me.

Book a Call →

You can learn SO much from just the Infant CST Level 1 class, and you will be able to use that knowledge to treat babies.

However, if you're serious about helping babies out with latching issues, this course is what will bring you to the next level of your treatments.
The ICST Level  2 course - has 5 days of In-Person class held in Toronto, Canada. In-person classes are from Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

We will learn how to do cranial releases that will target a chompy, or weak latch and get more clinical practice treating real babies in the Lab.

Please check the schedule of our upcoming courses in the course calendar page.

The short answer is: Yes! Absolutely you can!

But in order to practice CST, you will need to research the rules on what licensure is required to use hands-on therapy in your state, province or country.

As it stands, we are able to run our In-Person classes with a limit of 8 students per class. PPE is warn, and symptom screening is performed before each day begins.  

Vaccines are not required to attend any In-Person classes.

Canada requires anyone entering the country to be fully vaccinated (having their second shot over 14 days before date of entry). No testing is currently required to enter the country. You will need to download ArriveCan and fill out the form before boarding your plane if traveling by air.

Yes. If you complete all modules, videos, live classes, and pass the final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion.

The Live Class hours will be included on your certificate, which should help you with submitting this training for Continuing Education hours.

No. But we are currently working on a certification program for folks who live and work in the United States and currently do not have a license to touch. After completing this certification program, you will be certified to use Craniosacral Therapy in certain states.

Check back in the next 6 months to see the progress on this!

Depending on your location, you may need to have specific qualifications to treat using craniosacral therapy. Please check your state or province requirements.

If you are eligible to use craniosacral, it is best to get liability insurance before you start treating anyone. 

All funds are in USD.

We want to make this class as accessible as possible, so we have created payment plans for every course. Click on each course to see their respective payment options.

The Company cannot issue refunds for any programs or courses provided, regardless of whether clients decide to stop using our services, or if clients are removed for violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Refunds are not possible once you are granted access to course materials.

Please contact for assistance.

If your use of our Website is terminated as a result of your violation of our Terms and Conditions, you will not receive any refund whatsoever and all of your access to our Website and Facebook Community will be immediately terminated without notice. 

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