Beames CST Training Centre

We teach you how to use craniosacral to improve the lives of babies and parents in your community.

Parents are struggling with their babies, and you can help them. 

Learn how to help with these symptoms

Nursing Issues

Parents think it's their fault that their baby isn't feeding well. But what if it was something within the baby's body that needs to be addressed that would improve the latch?

Pre/Post Tongue Tie Revision

A tongue tie brings on so many problems with feeding, digestion and sleep. Some families choose to do a revision and some don't. Either way, tongue ties should be addressed.

Sleep issues

A hungry baby, an uncomfortable baby, a gassy baby, an overstimulated baby, a refluxy baby, a sore baby, a tired baby all create poor sleep and it wears on the whole family.


Imagine a baby screaming all day long and not being able to help them. Parents know their baby is in pain, and they have no idea how to help them. 


A baby that is swallowing too much air has to get it out somehow. They grunt it out, they scream it out, they spit it up and they are generally very upset. 

Head Shape

With the advent of the Back To Sleep Campaign came the baby head shape woes. Infant heads can shifted into non-preferred shapes if left in the same position for long periods of time.

How does it work?

Craniosacral therapy works to release fascia within the entire body. 

Assessment techniques help to see the baby in a new way. Symptoms will no longer be seen as a problem that the parents just have to live with, but as a sign of what can be treated with CST.

CST treatments take a baby that cries incessantly one day to calm and smiling the next - using gentle touch that relaxes their body and stimulates the nervous system.

CST unlock the questions about symptoms. Symptoms lead to areas in the body that need to be treated. Structure effects function. Improve the structure (ei. muscles and fascia), improve function (ie. latch, pooping)

Some techniques change the head shape of a baby and their latch and digestion will improve. There is only good that can come out of a well performed treatment. 

Benefits of CST

It is truly amazing the kinds of changes babies can see in just a few treatments.

Better Feeding 

Improved muscle function and head symmetry will help them to latch better, gain faster, and even enjoy the feeding experience. Decreased pain for the parent is another added bonus.

Improve Mobility

CST helps to loosen up a baby's body to make it easier to move around. Easier movement equals better mobility and a better chance of hitting milestones on time.

Relieved families

Relieving parents of their worries, letting them know that there really IS something that can be done about their baby troubles is priceless. They will thank you for the rest of their lives for giving them a better start with their baby.

Better sleep

A baby that is comfortable in their body, not trying to push out gas bubbles, and who is calm and relaxed (because their parents are calmer now, too) will usually have a better nights sleep. It might even continue on for a while!

A message from the Founder

Meaghan Beames, RMT

Founder, Course Creator, Instructor, Registered Massage Therapist

If you're here, I know for sure that you have a desire to help people. You are an empathetic soul wanting to make the world a better place, even if that means you're helping one baby at a time.
I see you, I understand you, I am you.

I have always been drawn to helping people, and craniosacral has made it possible for me to improve the lives of over 500 families.

My mission is to teach others how they too can make an enormous impact on the world around them.

If 1000 practitioners can treat 1000 babies, that means 1 million babies and families will be helped.

Imagine the ripple effect. Be part of that ripple.

Your Learning Journey with Beames CST
Step by Step


CST - Foundations
Virtual Live Classes

This class is to introduce you to CST.

Learn the foundational skills of a good practice and apply these skills on any body type.

This is the prerequisite for all future classes.

Already a CST practitioner? Email us for customizations.


Infant CST 1 - Part 1

This is for you if you want to give babies relief from colic, reflux, gas, torticollis, and much more.

When working with babies, you have to know how birth affects a baby both physically and psychologically.  

Apply techniques from CST-Foundations on babies bodies.


Infant CST 1 - Part 2

This is for you if you're serious about using craniosacral therapy regularly in their practice.

Learn cranial releases for babies to effectively improve latch, head shape, and more severe cases of reflux and painful latch.

Take within 18 months of completing ICST 1 Part 1


Infant CST 2 - Advanced
In Person

Want to be seen as the expert in your field?

There's always more to learn. Learn reflex testing inside the mouth, intricate cranial strain patterns and their appropriate releases.

Coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for professionals to start helping families right away. We want to make sure that as many families as possible can receive the benefits that craniosacral provides. If you are passionate about helping babies and families, get in touch and see if this course is a right fit for you!

To find out more, book a call with me.

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This course is taught in parts. Approx 10 hrs of pre-recorded lecture videos you can complete at your own pace.

2 Live Virtual classes where you will be introduced to the assessment and treatment techniques. You will need a person to work on for these classes.

5 days in person where we practice the gentle touch techniques on each other and on 2 babies.

The Infant CST – Level 1 program is a hybrid training consisting of approx. 10 hours of pre-recorded videos to be viewed over a 3 week period, with 2 Live 3 hour Virtual classes held in the evenings. The final five days are In-Person.

Yes, the Level 1 program has 5 days of In-Person class held in Toronto, Canada. In-person classes are from Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

But! Are you curious to know if you can somehow only do the virtual program? Send me an email and I'll contact you when I've created a Virtual Only course in the future. Do keep in mind that by taking the virtual only course, you are not certified to practice craniosacral therapy. This would teach you about the effects of birth on the baby's body, how it effects latch and dysfunction within their body, gentle ways of allowing the baby to heal themself and the knowledge to know why you are referring out to a Craniosacral Therapist. Discounted rates for students that choose to move on to the In-Person portion in the future.    

Get on the list →

The next cohort begins May 1, 2022. Registration closes April 30, 2022.  

The short answer is: that depends on the rules on what licensure is required to use hands-on therapy in your state, province or country.

As it stands, we are able to run our In-Person classes with a limit of 8 students per class. PPE is warn, and symptom screening is performed before each day begins.  

Vaccines are not required to attend any In-Person classes.

Canada requires anyone entering the country to be fully vaccinated (having their second shot over 14 days before date of entry). No testing is currently required to enter the country. You will need to download ArriveCan and fill out the form before boarding your plane if traveling by air.

Yes. If you complete all Online Self-Study modules, the 6 hours of Virtual Class ti me, and the 4 days In-Per son Lab, you will be given a certificate of completion. You can use this as proof of training to apply for insurance

Depending on your location, you may need to have specific qualifications to treat using craniosacral therapy. Please check your state or province requirements.

If you are eligible to use craniosacral, it is best to get liability insurance before you start treating anyone. 

All funds are in CAD.

We want to make this class as accessible as possible, so we have created payment plans for every course. Click on each course to see their respective payment options.

Life has twists and turns, so if you can’t make it to the course that you signed up for, we offer a full refund up to 30 days before the start of class, or transfer the funds to a future class date. There are no refunds within 30 days of the start of class. Funds are also fully transferable to another student if you choose you no longer want to take an in-person course.  

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